Tuesday, October 13, 2015


With Summer comes field chores.  It's important to have good help.

With the first rains, comes the miracle of water in the desert.

The sunsets are world class at the farm.

First irrigation.

These boys were about ready to make the trip to the auction.

June brought a trip to the circus!  Daxton Hancock, Grandad and Nana

Meagan Hancock and Maylee Belle

Uncle Jake is the Hancock kids' favorite

Well, actually Grandad is the favorite.....

Maylee wanted a "Duckie Birthday"  Grandad ordered ducks that came in the mail.

Nana and Mikayla getting in the spirit.

The party lasted for days.

Captive audience

Maylee rolls in her own lane.

The council

Fathers' Day with Dustin

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mothers' day 2015 Part II (Captions still to come...)

Jill is the next mother in my life.  She gave me the gift of fatherhood.  As our own kids grow, marry, and have started families of their own our relationship has had to adapt and change.  There have been some rough patches over the years.  I envy those who claim they have never had an argument, (Although I wonder about their memory...)  Perhaps selective memory is the trick in the end.  I have loved sharing parenthood with Jill.

Mothers' Day 2015

As Mothers' Day approaches this year I reflect on the mothers in my life.  My own mom was a tough nut.  I say that complimentarily.  She was my ally and my enemy, my advocate and my detractor, motivator and deflator, agonist and antagonist. She is both the tormentor who locked me in a dark closet and the liberator who taught me I could do anything. She, like all the rest of the world, had her better and lesser qualities.  In the final analysis, she instilled in me a sense of obligation  and duty to God and man.  She has been gone for over two years and I miss her.

My mom, Jeanne Anderson Wilson Hubbard with our daughter, Meagan
Mom and me

Mom did have a bit of a flair for the dramatic.

Four generations.  Jeanne Anderson, Meagan Wilson Hancock, Mikayla Mae Hancock, and Tim Wilson

Jeanne, Mikayla,Jill, Tim at the Mesa Temple.
Jeanne, Mikayla, and newborn Maylee
Jeanne and Mikayla
Tim, Nancy Wilson Crouch, Jeanne, Kenny Wilson

Final resting place Pima AZ next to her parents with the inscription she requested.