Tuesday, October 13, 2015


With Summer comes field chores.  It's important to have good help.

With the first rains, comes the miracle of water in the desert.

The sunsets are world class at the farm.

First irrigation.

These boys were about ready to make the trip to the auction.

June brought a trip to the circus!  Daxton Hancock, Grandad and Nana

Meagan Hancock and Maylee Belle

Uncle Jake is the Hancock kids' favorite

Well, actually Grandad is the favorite.....

Maylee wanted a "Duckie Birthday"  Grandad ordered ducks that came in the mail.

Nana and Mikayla getting in the spirit.

The party lasted for days.

Captive audience

Maylee rolls in her own lane.

The council

Fathers' Day with Dustin

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  1. Good times good people. As always! We are blessed!